Visual Novel Machinery 1.3 Released


  • Added support for using voice overs, background music, and sound effects during dialogs
  • Character now move properly when moving to a new location
  • Added events for when Typewriting starts and Ends to BaseDialogBoxWidget
  • Added setting to transitionable nodes that allows them to specify the playback rate of animations
  • Added flag to Dialog Scene Switch Camera Node which makes it possible to not wait on the camera transition to finish before the next node starts
  • Filter out Dialogs in the Scene Graph that are not referenced by any other dialog in their Dialog End Nodes
  • Added setting to project settings to allow disabling auto start of dialogs on switching into a level that has the Dialog Controller Component attached to the HUD
  • Added support for starting a dialog with the dialog object class and exposed that to the blueprint
  • The color and opacity setting for dialog images is now actually used by BaseCharacterDisplayWidget/BaseCgDisplayWidget/BaseSceneBackgroundDisplayWidget
  • Added flags to Dialog Text Node to typewrite faster or not typewrite at all for this node
  • Shortened the names in the Visual Novel Machinery Tab to not occupy so much space


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