Visual Novel Machinery 1.7 Released


  • Added Auto Mode so that text can be played automatically -Added a slider to the options widget to configure the auto forward time
  • Added option to the asset creation browser for ingame widgets and main menu widgets -This will only generate the layout for now. The animations and the blueprint graph are not generated yet. -The blueprint graph can be duplicated from the widgets contained in the plugin.
  • VNM Tab in Dialog Blueprint should (hopefully) be automatically visible now
  • Added player input system -Added Dialog Input Node
    • Added dialog input system to VNMScript
  • Added option to memory nodes to have pins for getting the character/scene id and memory id
  • Refactored buttons and added menu text button and menu icon button
    • Added more customization options to buttons
      • Added system of selecting buttons
      • Added system for locking buttons
  • Added Activatable Widgets. These widgets can be displayed using Widget Show/Hide nodes.
    • Also added support for that in the VNMScript
  • Added character rename/interactive rename to VNMScript
  • Cleaned up and refactored widget blueprints


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