1. Navigate to the project settings, and then the Input settings in the Engine category.
  2. In the action mappings add an action called NextDialog.
    • Set the key bindings to Space Bar/Enter/Left Mouse Button. You can also set it to something completely different if you want.
  3. Go to the Blueprints folder into the folder Core.
  4. Create a blueprint class that is based on PlayerController and call it BP_IngamePlayerController.
    1. Open the blueprint.
    2. Navigate to the Event Graph
    3. Add the nodes displayed below Nodes to allow the player to navigate to the next elements in the dialog
  5. Open the blueprint BP_InGameGameMode.
    1. Set the Default Player Controller Class to BP_IngamePlayerController.

Now the player should be able to navigate through the visual novel if the key mapping defined above.

The final step is setting up the memory system.