The class name for this definition is CharacterDefinition. It is used with a Data Table.


Name Type Description
Character Id FName The internal ID identifying the scene background
Character Display Name FText The friendly name of the character
Character Display Color FSlateColor The color of the character name text in the dialog box widget
Character Description FText A friendly description of the character, or your notes about the character
Character Image per Emotion TMap<FName, UTexture2D*> The actual texture used by the character for a specific emotion ID
Character Image Layers TMap<FName, FImageLayerDefinition> Array of Layer information for this specific character
Character Mesh USkeletalMesh* Skeletal Mesh displayed in 3D world
Character Animation Per Emotion TMap<FName, UAnimationAsset*> Animation asset used with skeletal mesh in 3D world
Character Memory Definitions TArray<FMemoryDefinition> Array of Memories that are relevant to this character