Dialog Text Node Visual



Name Type Description
Execution Line In Execution Execution Line Input
Dialog Text Text Dialog Text to display. Must be activated in additional properties to be displayed


Name Type Description
Execution Line Out Execution Execution Line Output

On-Node Properties

Name Description
Character The id of the character that is talking. If set to None, then no character name is displayed
Text The text the character is saying
Emotion The id of the emotion of the character to show

Additional Properties

Name Type Description
Character Positioning The position of the character (LEFT/CENTER/RIGHT/TRUECENTER)  
Transition Event Transition Event How should the character be shown
Custom Transition Event Name FString The name of the animation to use if Transition Event is set to Custom
Dont Wait For Transition To Finish Boolean If set to true then the dialog will automatically continue, while the character finishes its transition
Layers TArray<FImageLayerInfo> Layers that should be automatically added to the character.
Use Dialog Text Pin Boolean If set to true then instead of writing the text into the node directly, a pin will be exposed, which value will be used instead
Use Voice Over Boolean Activates Voice Over System on Dialog Text Node
Use Character Voice Over Boolean Uses voice overs for the character specified on the node
Use Dialog Voice Over Boolean Uses voice overs for the dialog this node exists in
Voice Over Id FString The Voice Over Id to be used. It is different depending on if you are using character voice overs or dialog voice overs
Volume float The volume at which the voice over should play (0.0-1.0)
Pitch float The pitch at which the voice over will be played
Start Time float The time in seconds at which to start in the voice over. Default is 0.0 seconds.

Script Reference

dialog.text [-character=<character id> [-emotion=<emotion id>]] [-charactervoiceover=<character voice over id>] [-dialogvoiceover=<dialog voice over id>] [-volume=<volume level>] [-pitch=<pitch level>] [-starttime=<start time>] "<text>"