In every Visual Novel, some moments can only be displayed with an image, as an image can say a thousand words. For this the plugin offers the system of CGs. In terms of layering, they are always in front of the scene background and characters. All other systems are displayed in front of it.


Visual Novel Machinery contains two nodes for working with CGs. These are CG Show Node and CG Hide Node. As the names suggest, they are used for showing or hiding the CG. The CGs available are defined in the CG Definitions Data Table, and can be selected in the CG Show Node.

CG nodes in action -id=cg1
dialog.text -character=cube "Look! It is CG1"
dialog.text -character=cube "Where did it go?"
dialog.end -nextdialog=start

There are also nodes for using image layering, but more about in the CG image layering feature documentation.