Dialog Choice Node Visual



Name Type Description
Execution Line In Execution Execution Line Input
Choice Option N Available (If conditional choice) Boolean Conditional value specifying if the option is visible to the player. One option should always be set to true, otherwise your game enters a lifelock.


Name Type Description
Choice Option N (Name depends on properties specified below) Execution A potential choice

Additional Properties

Name Type Description
Choices TArray<FText> The choices the player can make at this junction. When changing this, the node will regenerate all its output pins to the match the choices array.
Make Choice Conditional Boolean Makes all choices conditional. If a condition is not met the choice is hidden from the player.
Is Image Choice Boolean Check this to make the choice an image choice. If this is checked you can then set the Image Choice Widget class
Image Choice Widget Class TSubclassOf<UBaseImageChoiceWidget> The widget that should be displayed if this choice is an image choice
Is 3DChoice Boolean Check this if you want to make the choice a 3D choice. If this is checked then the choice system will search for ChoiceActors/ChoicePawns/ChoiceCharacters in the level instead of using the UI.

Script Reference

dialog.choice "<choice text 1>" <choice label 1> "<choice text 2>" <choice label 2> [...]
dialog.choice.conditional <choice 1 condition variable> "<choice text 1>" <choice label 1> <choice 2 condition variable> "<choice text 2>" <choice label 2> [...]